it is said that speed of your life accelerate as you grow older, that’s exactly what’s happening to me. sometimes, I remember what I was thinking when i was small and my future was full of unknown. now in my mid twenties, i haven’t realized anything that i can be proud of, ppl say life is long, but don’t think so. maybe it’s my last day today, or tomorrow. i feel like my whole 23 to 24 was a waste, maybe am being a bit sentimental.


yes i’m back

It’s been a while since I posted my last public blog, although I kept writing my little private journal online. I guess I’m back now, after I’d lost myself in a mist, wasn’t sure where I was heading to through 08′ to 09′. although i agree that all those experience counts, it was way off the course of my life objective. I’ve been isolating myself from my friends community back in Tokyo, has been about four months already. I’ve produced few works during that period, as well as I was working on this huge project from Nov. The project will be taking off hopefully early Jan, to rock the world. I’m glad I chose this path, not a easy way, but the way I can live my life. cheers.