things i should care about when drawing manga

probably i should have realized the fact earlier, but nonetheless still better than not realizing for rest of my life. One of the important things when drawing manga is “experience” especially one which I’ve gained thorough interaction with other people. when i was trying to draw this new piece for chiba award, i realized i have nothing to write about since i have kept my self away from ppl for such a long time.. or should i may as well keep myself to my small ME world and draw things only based on my imagination or fantasy? (that’s sad in some sense) wish i had an imagination of J.K.Rolling lol. anyway, i was looking back my blog that i used to write while i was in college and realized how much i was FEELING/THINKING/GROWING through every day life!!! i think i will be able to find some good material out of it.


i think mangaka is the sexiest profession in the world

yes, mangaka can write script, draw continuity, draw picture and color them. after all, one mangaka is consist of so many different talent and that’s why i think mangaka is the sexiest profession ever existed.