Hello Magajin :)

Some of you might have been sent to this blog from magajin, so I just want to introduce my self. Thank you for joining magajin!! It’s a personal project led by me, and other great team members. First of all, I’m 25 years old girl (too old to be called a girl? lol) living in Sapporo Japan, and really passionate about drawing magna. This is how it started, a very cold day on November 2009, it came to my mind that it will wonderful if I could create a place for people who love anime and manga style drawing, like I do. And here we are, took me like a half year but finally launched the site and I’m REALLY happy to see you guys interacting, submitting works online. Every one of your works is looking amazing, and I’m really happy to be connected with people around the world, who have same feeling as I do! Passion towards manga and anime, drawings!!! By the way, the name magajin is derived from magazine (yes, as you guessed!) as well as Japanese term of Jin (meaning, man) hoping the website to be place for many great contents. Magajin team is working really hard to improve features on the site, and we are developing additional features as I speak now. So stay tuned, and LOVE YOU ALL who joined magajin!


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