Hello Magajin :)

Some of you might have been sent to this blog from magajin, so I just want to introduce my self. Thank you for joining magajin!! It’s a personal project led by me, and other great team members. First of all, I’m 25 years old girl (too old to be called a girl? lol) living in Sapporo Japan, and really passionate about drawing magna. This is how it started, a very cold day on November 2009, it came to my mind that it will wonderful if I could create a place for people who love anime and manga style drawing, like I do. And here we are, took me like a half year but finally launched the site and I’m REALLY happy to see you guys interacting, submitting works online. Every one of your works is looking amazing, and I’m really happy to be connected with people around the world, who have same feeling as I do! Passion towards manga and anime, drawings!!! By the way, the name magajin is derived from magazine (yes, as you guessed!) as well as Japanese term of Jin (meaning, man) hoping the website to be place for many great contents. Magajin team is working really hard to improve features on the site, and we are developing additional features as I speak now. So stay tuned, and LOVE YOU ALL who joined magajin!



最近思うんだけどね、I’m like forever 21. 永遠の17歳とかいうでしょ、17歳じゃないんだな、それはちょっと若すぎる。けど、だから21笑 好きなことに超盲目的に邁進していた21歳。そんな感じ。人生は面白い。ガリガリいこうぜ。

socialoomph : twitterでフォローしてくれた人に自動でDMを送れるサイト



  • フォローしてくれた人を自動フォロー仕返し
  • フォローしてくれた人に自動的に決まったDMを送れる
  • 決まった時間にツイートできるようツイート予約ができる
  • 過去のツイートを保存して、再利用できる
  • 複数のアカウントを同時に管理できる




例えば、おじいちゃんの時代に生まれてたとしよう。何をやっても、ほぼどこの産業に就職しても、パイ全体が膨らんでいた時代、未来は輝いていたはず。毎年毎年、目に見えて家の中の家電も増えて、食べられる食事も増えて、海外旅行だって行けるようになった。親の時代。それなりにまだ日本の成長も進んでいて、日本は世界第二位の経済大国だった時代。日本人に生まれたことを皆誇りに思っていた時代だと思う。(click on title to read full story)

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(click on title to read full story)

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Tweetguru : TwitterでDMを複数人に送れるサイト

Twitterって便利…しかし、最小限の機能にとどめてるとこがあって、使い辛いとこも。例えば複数人にDMを送りたい時、同胞メールですね。thank you for following messageとか。そんな時はこちらのサイトがいかがでしょうか。


自分のtwitter IDでログイン




Life Hack

well I knew the phrase “life hack” for long time, but didn’t think it’s this useful until I actually started using tools that claim themselves as “life hack tools”. Few things I’d like to share with you..

Google Japanese Input

When I read about this on the web, I was like “oh yeah, another great invention of google” and never actually got to use it. But few days ago, I happened to install, and believe me, it’s BRILLIANT! You can never go back to the default version.


Same here, I signed up for twitter like more than 1 year ago, and never got to use it. Probably because I was busy, or had nothing to tweet about. But here I am, starting to use twitter for Magajin.com, discovered how wonderful the tool could be. You can’t “understand” by listening to people advocating how great the tool is, until you ACTUALLY USE IT YOURSELF. Take it as blog, rather than a communication tool with your friends (or you can always have private account aside public one) If you want to expand  your twitter community, you need to give away useful info, and in return you will get really nice ideas, or power to reach out to ppl.

Tweet Deck

One of the most useful gadget I found on the web lately, it let you handle few different twitter account with really simple and clean UI. It makes your twitter life 50% more stress-free. You can tweet in Japanese if you set it properly.

Google Chrome

I always preferred using FIrefox over Chrome. One day, I used it because Chrome had better connection with blogger (it’s somehow hard to type text into blogger entry box via FF). But then, discovered how great Chrome had improved, it was much faster! And there I found few add-ons I can’t live without (x-marks, hatena-bookmark) that I can load on to the browser. Now I’m using Chrome 80% of the time.  Well, I still miss “read it later” and “Aviary” addons on FF ( Chrome has them, but they are not working as good as they are on FF). The best thing is it doesn’t have “version up” as often as FF, that you need to install and reboot every time that happens. Also no reboot required for new add-ons for Chrome.

That’s all for now. You really should try out, trust me, it speeds up your IT life 20%, and twitter gives you new discoveries.